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I just returned from the most AMAZING week! It wasn’t a trip to the islands, some fancy resort, or even a theme park. No, I took a Life-cation. Yup, you heard me right. I took a one week long vacation from life and I am going to tell you why you need one too!

life vacation

What is a Life-cation?

A life-cation is exactly that, a complete and total break from life. It is a time when you get to shut everything off and focus on your inner thoughts. Or not focus on anything at all. Other than that, your life-cation can be ANYTHING you want it to be. You just need to disconnect yourself from all of your regular life “stuff”. You can go anywhere and do anything you please as long as it does not involve the things you do on an everyday basis.

So what did I do during my life vacation? Well, I packed up both my dogs and headed south! Ok, not that far south, only about 2 hours. But my dogs and I headed south to the farm where I worked at as a kid. I stayed the week with my grandparents (neither of which are retired yet), so I had the house to myself most days if I chose. But, most the days I worked my rear end off. Physical labor is GREAT for burning off those things that might stress you out. AND I got to play with LOTS of animals. And who doesn’t love animals, right? Evenings were spent reading some great books and journaling.

Let me also tell you what I did NOT do during my life-cation. I didn’t do anything work related, no emails, no management responsibilities. I did not look at any of my financial accounts or worry about money (I took enough cash with me to buy meals and that was it). My husband also got left behind, although I did talk with him every evening and of course sent “good morning” texts. And I did not blog for the week. This was a hard one for me because I like to brain storm post ideas, it is one of my many creative outlets.


When should you take a Life Vacation?

ANY TIME YOU WANT! I say this with a lot of enthusiasm. Because really you do NOT need a specific time or reason. There will never be a “right” time for stepping back from your everyday life. If you wait for a right time, you will be waiting FOREVER. Trust me, I know. Was it a good idea for me to take a total break during my $750,000 renovation project at work, our busiest time of the year, the building and almost launch of a second blog, and the start of my and hubby’s sport seasons? Absolutely not! But did I do it anyway? You bet. And I am so much better for it.

So WHY a Life-cation?

Ever sit and wish you had a “restart” button on your life? Well, we may not be able to push a restart button, but we can push the “refresh” button. If you are like me, you find “go mode”to be your everyday speed. I go and go and go, seeing how many things I can fit into each day. After awhile, my creativity starts to wane. My brain goes on autopilot and the work I am doing is not my best. My brain needs a refresh. And that is exactly what a life-cation is. A life vacation is a chance to completely refresh yourself.

The trick to having a life vacation be successful is to take one before you get to the point of burnout. Take it while you still have the energy to really enjoy it. In fact, a life-cation is actually a tool to avoid burnout, never letting it happen to begin with. It can also promote habit change. A life-cation is a great starting point if you are looking to make a change in your life. It was after one of these life-cations that I started working towards becoming a morning person. That one habit has changed my life! If you need to make a change, consider a “refresh” and then get started.

Why can’t a regular vacation do this? Well, regular vacations usually involve plans and other people. You have to put thought into regular vacations. The point of the life-cation is to not have to think. There is no need to plan. And the only people you need to entertain are the ones you absolutely choose. And you can do anything you want on your life vacation. Really, whatever you want. YOU make your life-cation worth it to you as only you will know what will refresh you.

Feel Refreshed!

I couldn’t be more excited about sharing my week with you! Although I was sad to return home, I was greatly looking forward to diving back into my everyday life (and I missed hubby). I came back feeling ready to take on the world. My brain was over flowing with blog post ideas, my manager side was lining up new projects, and the energy was abundant. And this happens every time I take one of these life-cations.

Not every life-cation needs to be a week long. Two days may be sufficient for you. It is more about what you do (or don’t do) on your life vacation that counts. But the important part is that you go do it. Then, reap the benefits.

Have you gone on a life-cation before? What is your go-to life vacation?


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