I remember the day we put our wedding registry together. My husband had way too much fun with the registry gun. I had fun removing all the silly stuff through the online registry later that night. I would like to think we did our best to pick useful items for our home. Now one year later I can look back and see what could have been left off and what should have been added. Here are our top ten wedding registry must haves AND our top ten items we should have left off.


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Top 10 Must Haves:

  1. A good set of non-stick cookware. I know everyone has a preference, but I am going to recommend non-stick simply for ease of cleaning. Get yourself a set that includes at least one 8qt pot, 3qt saucepan, 3qt saucepan, and a frying pan.
  2. A set of cookie sheets. These will come in handy for baking dessert and meals. A little tip when cooking meats and non-dessert dishes, cover your pan with non-stick aluminum foil for easy cleaning.
  3. A cooling rack set that is oven safe. We find we use ours a lot.
  4. A high end crock pot! My favorite registry item to date. Do you know how much time you will save with a crock pot? No? Well then I challenge you to find out. My only regret is that ours is not programmable.
  5. A great knife set. This is an absolute must have. Cheap knives will dull fast (as we found out the hard way). A good set of knives will last for years.
  6. A coffee maker you can schedule. If you read my post on becoming a morning person, then you know how much I LOVE my coffee.
  7. A higher end set of everyday dishes. We were torn on this one. Get two sets (cheap and fancy) or get one middle of the road set. We chose the middle of the road set and haven’t looked back. They are classy enough for guests and normal enough for daily use.
  8. A good mixer. You can choose your preference between a stand mixer, like a kitchenaid, or a hand mixer. Mixers are useful for baking needs, sauces, and even shredding chicken!
  9. A high quality vacuum cleaner. You want one of these bad boys that is going to last for years. Since these can be pricey, try to get one as part of your registry.
  10. A great set of bed sheets. Two in fact! Good sheets can be pricey. Trying to wash and dry your sheets in one day can be stressful if you are like us and super busy. Register for 2 sets so you always have a back-up!


Top Ten Things We Didn’t Need to Register For:

  1. Throw Blankets. You seem to get these naturally by some unknown force of nature. Don’t waste your time registering for one unless you have a specific style in mind. Last count we were up to about twelve of these around the house.
  2. A pyrex box set. It sounds great in theory, but we never use even half of these. I cook all the time and enjoy baking even more. If I don’t need them, then you can trust me that you won’t either.
  3. A food processor or fancy blender. Unless you know you will be cooking like Rachel Ray, you will find that these items sit in a cabinet or on a shelf more than they get used. There are other ways to get similar results with less expensive equipment that won’t sit around.
  4. Anything His and Hers. Oh it was all so cute at first. Now it just sits. People will buy them for you because of the cuteness factor. Let them buy you stuff you actually need instead.
  5. A cheese board. Unless you have friends over every weekend for wine and cheese, use a regular cutting board instead. Specialty items often sit aside and take up space. Margharita makers, panini makers, and fondue pots also fit into this category.
  6. Fancy stemware. No one is really going to look that closely at what they are drinking out of at your house. Buy some middle of the road glassware. The kind that won’t make you cry if they accidentally get broken by your cousin’s out of control two year old.
  7. A mandolin. Seriously, just don’t. We have one from our registry. It has sat in a box for an entire year plus. Not one single time have I even thought of bringing it out. And I cook a lot.
  8. Photo albums. These fall into the same category as throw blankets, you will get plenty of them. People will find cute wedding themed frames and albums to pick up as gifting “extras”.
  9. A bar set. Unless you have a home bar or really like to entertain, this just isn’t worth it. We entertain once or twice a month and we have never had a need for it. We even make mixed drinks all the time, but have found the full bar set useless.
  10. Fancy napkins and matching rings. Even when entertaining, it is much easier to set-up and clean-up without worrying about washable items. Besides, you can get cute holiday disposable napkins now that are much easier to use.


There you have it. Our best recommendations for things you will and won’t need on your registry. Have fun putting together your registry!

Do you have items to add to this list? Let us know yours in the comments!

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