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Why You Need a Planner

How do we get more hours in a day? This is an age old mystery that stumps most people. Finding enough hours to get everything done eludes me on a daily basis. There are so many things I need to do! I have bills that have to be paid, a house that has to be cleaned, meals that need to be planned, laundry to get done, animals fed, hobby time, personal growth time, time with my husband, the list just goes on. Do I start passing on things I want to do to make time for those things I have to do? Nope, just get yourself a planner!

Recently, I learned that the key to feeling like you’ve gained more hours is to plan your day. So, in January 2017 I made a purchase of a new planner and got started (I chose the Happy Planner, by far my favorite). It was a hard habit to change at first. But, now I get things done and don’t feel like I am leaving out areas of my life. My planner has become my daily guide and my key to staying organized. Below is a list of some things you can put in your planner to organize your life and make it feel like you’ve gained more hours in a day.

Things to Put in Your Planner

  1. Weekly Meal Plans
  2. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly House Chores
  3. Bills
  4. Financial Budget
  5. Exercise
  6. Practice/Hobby Time
  7. Connecting with Family
  8. Connecting with Friends
  9. Personal Development/Growth
  10. Significant Other Time
  11. Vehicle Maintenance
  12. TV Time (yes, plan those Netflix Binges and you won’t feel guilty after)
  13. Grocery Time (Not just the shopping, plan the time to make your lists!)
  14. Goals
  15. Books to Read
  16. Health Symptoms
  17. Moods
  18. Projects/Crafts
  19. Meetings
  20. Savings Goals
  21. Pet Care
  22. Places you’ve visited

The list goes on! There are just so many things you can track in your planner. What kinds of things do you track?

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