Cheap Date

Living on a tight budget shouldn’t be a reason to cancel date night. Instead, it should be used as a reason to get creative. There are tons of cheap date ideas that require very little to no money and are still loads of fun! Depending on your interests, the list below has something for everyone. My husband and I are working our way through these 100 cheap date ideas!

100+ Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Volunteer or Fundraise with a group or organization.
  2. Bake a cake together. Try it from scratch. You can ice the cake and then each other for fun.
  3. Cook dinner together. It can be tons of fun to try out new recipes.
  4. Have a movie day. Rewatch all your old favorites. Create an at home theater complete with popcorn and snowcaps.
  5. Have a board game night. Chutes and Ladders gets a lot more fun as an adult.
  6. Go on a picnic. Even if the only place you go is your backyard.
  7. Teach each other a new sport or hobby.
  8. Go to a park and feed the ducks.
  9. Check out your local flea market. See if there’s is anything cheap you can upgrade for your own home version of “Flea Market Flip”.
  10. Take a hike or go site seeing.
  11. Find free activities in your local neighborhood. A lot of communities now have websites or Facebook pages that list the local events.
  12. Have a yard sale! You may even make more money for your next date night.
  13. Camp out…at home. Put a tent in your backyard.
  14. Have an ice cream sundae night. Whipcream is mandatory.
  15. Look up free museums and zoos.
  16. Go to a local hangout with a pool table and do a husband vs wife tournament.
  17. Each of you make a “Dream Big” list then compare them.
  18. Play strip poker, strip chess, strip anything really.
  19. Have a home spa day and pamper each other.
  20. Make a fire pit in your backyard (check local ordinances first). Toast marshmallows and make s’mores.
  21. Find free exercise classes at local gyms. Most host them a few times a year.
  22. Go to a karaoke night at a bar or restaurant. Even if you don’t get up and sing you will still have plenty of entertainment.
  23. Find a trivia night.
  24. Go sledding when there is snow.
  25. Watch a local high school sporting event. Research who has sports teams that are doing really well.
  26. Tour open houses. You might even get ideas for your own home.
  27. Read to a local youth group.
  28. Attend local free concerts.
  29. Browse your way through local car dealerships.
  30. Go to a “you pick it” farm. Apple picking season is our favorite.
  31. Fly kites.
  32. Make your own pizza. Find my favorite pizza dough recipe here.
  33. Do a word puzzle together. Sudoku also works.
  34. Put together a cheap art project.
  35. Attend a poetry reading or book reading.
  36. Color. See who still hasn’t learned to stay in the lines.
  37. Research a topic.
  38. Check your couch cushions and then go to the arcade with the spare change you find.
  39. Make a couples bucket list.
  40. Your a local winery or brewery. Bonus, most give your free samples to taste.
  41. Write down your dream vacation.
  42. Take a bike ride.
  43. Go fishing or crabbing together.
  44. Get a cheap puzzle and put it together. The more pieces, the better!
  45. Paint together. Channel your inner Picasso.
  46. Have an at home photo shoot. Just remember to delete any nude ones.
  47. Play video games.
  48. Find a local airport and watch the planes.
  49. Bring out your inner bartender and make cocktails.
  50. Play the penny game. Flip a penny at each stop sign or red light. Heads is right tails is left. See where you end up!
  51. Have a nerf war at home.
  52. Attend an Amatuer Comedy Night.
  53. Star gaze. Try to name all the constellation. Or just make up your own.
  54. Go to a local beach or lake.
  55. Make chocolate fondue at home. Ps, it can double as body paint.
  56. Cook indoor s’mores.
  57. Play twenty questions. You can always find out new things about each other.
  58. If it’s winter, build a snowman.
  59. Look on sites like Groupon for free introductory offers. Often you can find good ones like free rock climbing or massages.
  60. Bring back old memories, look through old yearbooks.
  61. Have car wash day. Bonus feature, help each other out of the wet clothes after.
  62. House clean for FUN. Feather dusters anyone?
  63. Play frisbee.
  64. Create a game of follow the clues.
  65. Make the ultimate playlist of your favorite music that you both enjoy.
  66. Pull an all nighter just because.
  67. Get dressed up fancy, then just stay home.
  68. Take a walk, don’t worrying about where you are going.
  69. Plant a garden. Seeds are fairly cheap and you might save on veggies.
  70. Find a good restaurant deal.
  71. Build a blanket for the in your living room. Sleep in it for the night.
  72. Create a time capsule and bury it in your yard.
  73. Attend a free DIY class at a local store. Lowes and Home Depot host them regularly.
  74. Paint each other’s nails.
  75. Find a cheap local mini golf course. Loser does the dishes.
  76. Go on a ghost tour.
  77. Try geocaching. There are dozens of websites dedicated to it.
  78. Do you have a Wii or Kinect? Challenge each other to a game.
  79. Play a game of twister.
  80. Make homemade pretzels. You can also try making beer cheese dip.
  81. Create a family tree for your future children.
  82. Do a small home improvement project.
  83. Have a sunset dinner or sunrise breakfast.
  84. Volunteer to dog walk at your local animal shelter.
  85. Create a photo collage.
  86. Go Go-Carting.
  87. Play horse shoes. Make interesting bets for even more fun.
  88. Give each other fake tattoos. We drew on each other with markers. Take note, not all washable markers wash off skin easily.
  89. Download a free yoga app and have a couple’s yoga session.
  90. Make saving money a challenge. See who can come up with the best deals on this week’s groceries. Winner gets to buy their favorite candy or treat.
  91. Look up couple’s workout moves and try them together.
  92. Search “how to” videos on youtube. Look for ones that interest you and are cheap.
  93. Build the ultimate domino rally around your house.
  94. Try a craft class. Michael’s sometimes hosts two dollar craft classes.
  95. Let your husband do your makeup. Make it even more fun my having it video taped tutorial style.
  96. Find local firework displays to watch.
  97. Locate historic buildings in your neighborhood. Go look at the building and then research its history.
  98. Check out your local railroad.
  99. Go to Walmart and “people watch”. You can even make an “I spy” list ahead of time
  100. Make a home movie. No not that kind! Make a fun one that you can show your children when they get older.
  101. Have a water balloon or snowball fight. Build your own forts in your backyard and see who can hit who the most.

There are just so many choices when it comes to cheap date ideas, you don’t have to do any of them twice! Or at least not for a long time. So get out there and have some fun. No couch surfing here!

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